Aboriginal Health Woes

For this assignment, I am focusing on the Aboriginal population of Australia and the health issues they face. The Aboriginal Australians primarily live in Australia’s Northern Territory, where their percentage of the population clocks in at thirty percent of the population. Elsewhere, they make up only a little over four percent of the local population. I chose the Aboriginal Australians and their plight mainly because of my roommate, Brad, who spent about a year living in Australia as a couch-surfing vagrant. He will occasionally tell stories about the way the Aboriginal Australians are treated by both Australians citizens of European descent and by the government of Australia as a whole. The Aboriginal Australians have few rights, little access to quality healthcare, and they live in squalor. According to the internet, and my roommate, the Aboriginal Australians are racially discriminated against and that may have something to do with the gap in quality of healthcare between Aboriginal Australians and Australians of European descent. Also, unlike the government of the United States of America, the Australian government does not grant them any rights to sacred land or tribal recognition. They are treated as second class non-citizens and that divide goes beyond social integration and into a sort of stratification that keeps them from seeking quality healthcare. This is also probably why there are startling gaps in life expectancy between Aboriginal Australians and Australians of European descent.

I was able to find multiple websites offering data or articles pertaining to the mediocre healthcare access of the Aboriginal Australians and the three I selected are as follows:




Here are the three maps pertaining to Australia and the Aboriginal Australians:


Here, the Northern Territory is marked. This is where the highest concentration of Aboriginal Australians lives.



In this map, we can see where exactly the concentrations of Aboriginal Australians lives within each of the territories.


Tags: Aboriginal Australians, Aboriginal Health Concerns, Systematic Racism.


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